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When Dr. Peter Novak sees adorable blonde Amaris crouched on the street, dirty and homeless, he offers her 50 euro to come home with him. Upon arrival in his apartment, Dr. Novak offers Amaris 1500 euro to sleep with him, and offers her the choice between a shower or the door. Amaris chooses the shower, and then gets into Dr. Novak's bed to wait for him. The good doctor surprises Amaris in a towel, then climbs into bed next to her, and kisses her tenderly while caressing her boobs. Novak slides a finger into Amaris' wet pussy, and she moans in the delight, then he eats the blonde babe out. When she is throbbing with pleasure, Peter sticks his penis inside of her, thrusting it into her pussy to the Amaris' delight. Dr. Novak makes love to Amaris is a varity of positions, then looking into each other's eyes, the blonde wanks him to orgasm.

Fake Fantasy: Runaway - Amaris