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Crystal Rush really annoys her stepson sometimes. All he wants to do is watch the game, but she has to go into the TV room and spoil his fun. She promised his dad she would homeschool him, but she is definitely not a teacher. She is teaching him stuff about anatomy on paper, but everyone knows that anatomy is better taught in person. So, she shows him her tits so he has a good idea of what they feel like in person. Later on, Crystal is still on his case. He is trying to rest, but she comes in wearing a tight sports bra that is squishing her tits tightly against her body. She takes him out on the balcony to do some physical education. He watches her do some squats, and after a while, he needs to know what her toned ass feels like. She bends down and whips his cock out to help his muscles relax, and then he finally gets to feel her body a little more intimately. A couple days later, Crystal is still trying to teach her stepson. This time she wants to show him how to cook. She has a full bag of flour ready to use, but when she spills some on the floor, she takes her shirt off to clean it up. This exposes her incredible tits, and just like that, her stepsons dick is rising like a souffle in an oven. He pounds her doe with his long rolling pin, and then laminates her face with his creamy, white glaze. There is just one question left to ask. Is this going to show up on finals?

The Sloppy Headmistress - Crystal Rush