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Ebony beauty Luna C is naked, getting her pussy eaten by Juan Lucho, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s sizzling erotic series "One Morning" begins. Juan’s tongue explores the juicy folds of her pussy, and Luna moans loudly, swept away on a wave of ecstatic pleasure. Juan enhances the sensations by tugging on the erect nipples of her beautiful breasts, giving her a wonderful climax. They kiss passionately, Luna stroking Juan’s big cock and guiding it inside her slick pink slit; he thrusts deep and slow, taking it steadily, making Luna gasp and squirm beneath his tattooed torso. They pause for Luna to suck her juice from Juan’s sticky shaft, licking it from root to tip, fondling his balls and swallowing as much of the wide pole as she can handle.

One Morning Part 1 - Luna Corazon