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Tyler had a crush on Whitney when they were in high school. Now that their parents are married, Whitney loves walking around the house in booty shorts to tease the shy Tyler. She finally corners him in the living room and asks why he never asked her out in high school. She tells him he’d be surprised what women would agree to, if he only had the balls to make a move. He kisses her. This isn’t enough to impress Whitney. She challenges Tyler by telling him that, in her experience, shy guys are terrible in bed. Tyler jumps on this invitation, and on her. He lives out his fantasy of fucking his high school crush by diving face first into his stepsister’s bush on the family couch. After getting her nice and wet, he slides his cock in. Whitney is pleasantly surprised, but she wants more. The two switch off taking the lead. Whitney rides Tyler, and then he turns her around and fucks her from behind. Neither can stop cumming all over each other.


Step Siblings Scene 1 - Whitney Wright