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Britney gets away with acting like a brat because she is so fucking sexual. After her mother leaves for work, Britney slips into her step-father’s bathroom during his shower. Marcus warns her that she can’t keep doing this. Britney tests him, asking what he is going to do about it. Is he going to punish her? Will he spank her for being naughty? Marcus is torn between wanting to put her in her place, and wanting to fuck her like a real man. His temper, and the challenge, get the best of him. He kisses her hard then takes her to her bedroom to fuck her on her childhood bed. He spreads her legs wide to accommodate his thick, dad dick. She gets so excited that she slides up and down on his cock and sucks her juices off his dick. He is not used to fucking someone so young, or with so much sexual energy. He soon explodes all over her thick ass and makes her promise not to tell her mother.


Step Daughters Scene 3 - Britney Light