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Gina decides to continue living at her mother’s house after high school because her mom married a hot Spaniard, Ramon. He is so far out of her mother’s league that Gina assumes he married her just for a green card. And yet, he still seems faithful, save for masturbating in his home office when his flight attendant wife is out of town. Gina usual plays with herself as she spies on Ramon jerking off, but today, she wants more. She walks into his office and catches him with his hands down his pants. She then grabs his phone to realize that he was pleasuring himself to pictures of her. Gina begins rubbing Ramon’s thick cock through his thin slacks until he agrees to cheat on his wife with his daughter. Once Gina get’s Ramon out of his stuffy work clothes, he unleashes months of repressed sexual frustration on her tiny pussy. He flips her little body all around so he can pound her Brazilian curves from every conceivable angle until both are drenched in sweat and cum.


Step Daughters Scene 1 - Gina Valentina