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If you like a little thick for your dick, this scene from Manuel's "Bounce #3" starring Bridgette B. is for you! Bridgette's fleshy boobs are eye pleasers as they are on full display during a poolside tease sequence. Her blue bikini can't hide her sand dollar sized nipples. Sometimes women's breasts are called headlights, well Bridgette's are straight off a semi truck! What we are trying to communicate is Bridgette has awesome tits. We could watch them jiggle and bounce for hours...and have! After her wet and naked pool expo, Bridgette gets with Manuel. Of course the first thing he does is get those sweet mammaries into his mouth. Bridgette gives Manuel a slobbery blowjob and mounts him. Soooooo much side boob! Bridgette's ass does a wonderful job sliding up and down Manuel's pole. Manuel folds Bridgette's leg over to the side so her ass is posted. He reams her butthole slowly as she moans loudly with delight. Her ass/huge boob combo is amazing and drives Manuel to jettison a full load of love lacre all over those flesh balloons.


Bounce 3 - Bridgette B